Essential Public Radio Stories on Election 2012

President Barack Obama incited a lot of excitement among young voters in 2008, but at a young professionals round table in downtown Pittsburgh Tuesday, a worry about voter apathy was expressed. Actor and former Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement Kal Penn spoke to the small group and asked for input on what the Obama campaign can do to energize young voters. He said the president has been a tireless proponent of issues important to young people, while Republicans have been focused on other issues.

The 2012 Presidential Election campaign is intensifying in  Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Department of State and The Pennsylvania Library Association are joining forces. All 632 libraries across the commonwealth will provide information for patrons about the new voter ID law that will require all voters to provide a photo ID issued from PENNDOT, in an effort to curb voter fraud. 

Even as Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law goes through legal challenges, one lawmaker is introducing a package of bills aimed at “fixing” parts of the bill. The so-called “Every Voter Counts” package contains three parts. The first part would create an online voter registration system. The second would require the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to use new technology and mobile outreach to help registered voters obtain needed photo identification.

Vice President Joe Biden made a quick stop in Washington, PA on Thursday, talking with patrons at Hog father’s BBQ.  His visit was not announced ahead of time, he walked into the restaurant to applause from diners.

Congressman Jason Altmire endorsed Mark Critz for reelection in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District on Monday, despite losing to Critz in the Democratic primary election last month.

The future of Pennsylvania’s recently passed voter ID law may be decided in Commonwealth Court.

Five state House incumbents have lost their seats in the primary, according to the latest vote counts. But one longtime Republican lawmaker is holding out until the absolute last vote is counted.

Greg Parks, the Pleasant Hills Democrat running for State Senate in the 37th district, believes enough people wrote his name on the ballot to make him eligible for a run in the general election.