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Monday, November 14, 2011

Josh Raulerson Hits the Airwaves in Pittsburgh

That new voice you are hearing this week on Essential Public Radio is the station’s new Morning Edition Host.  Josh Raulerson is no stranger to public radio.  He most recently served as Morning Edition Host and News Director at Aspen Public Radio in Colorado. Before moving to Colorado, Josh worked at a pair of public radio stations in his home state of Iowa. 

Josh took the last two years off from on-air work to finish his Ph. D. in English at the University of Iowa.  His masters degree is in 20th Century American literature.

I’m delighted to join the staff at Essential Public Radio,” said Raulerson, “I’m already feeling at home in Pittsburgh.”  It will feel more like home when he is joined by his family.  His wife and two children will be making the move early next month. 

While not following the news and keeping listeners up to date, Josh likes to train for marathons, bike and brew his own beer.


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