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Essential Pittsburgh

    • Shopping Fresh and Local

      Community supported agriculture and farmers markets are an important way to get affordable nutritious foods locally. Alissa Matthews, the Program Assistant for the PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Western PA Coordinator of the Buy Fresh Buy Local program, explains how a CSA works and talks about the wide variety of local markets to be found in Pittsburgh this season.

    • From the Farm to the Restaurant with Penn's Corner

      Many of Pittsburgh’s most highly regarded restaurants get their ingredients from right here in the Western PA region. Penn's Corner is an alliance of local farms providing restaurants and caterers with fruits, vegetables, and other farm food products directly through their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Penn's Corner General Manager Neil Stauffer talks about the importance of building these community partnerships.

    • Community Gardens

      Gardening has taken off as a new favorite past-time in America. In Pittsburgh, more than 12 new community gardens have been formed in the last 2 and a half years with the help of Grow Pittsburgh and that number grows much larger each year. Grow Pittsburgh Executive Director, Julie Butcher Pezzino, talks about living more sustainably with community gardens, where to find them and how to get one started.