Essential Pittsburgh

    • A still from the film 5 Broken Cameras

      Five Broken Cameras

      Emad Burnat, a Palestinian villager, bought his first video camera when his fourth son, Gibreel, was born. At the same time, in his West Bank village, a barrier is being built and the villagers have started to resist. Through five video cameras, Emad captures different angles of his village's resistance to Israeli troops. Five Broken Cameras has received awards at the Sundance Film festival and the documentary premiered in Pittsburgh at the CMU International Film Festival.

    • Cereal Nostalgia

      As a kid, what kinds of cereal did you crunch on while watching Saturday morning cartoons? Count Chocula? Wheaties? Fruity Trix? We’re taking a nostalgic look at the history of breakfast cereals with Marty Gitlyn, author of The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got It’s Crunch.

    • PBT


      The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre brings the light-hearted story Coppélia to life this weekend. It’s a tale of true love, jealousy and dancing dolls. Lead dancer, Alexandria Kochis and Pittsburgh Ballet Artistic Director Terrence Orr talk about the fun and challenges of developing a comedic ballet.