Essential Pittsburgh

    • Highmark building (left), UPMC building (right)

      Highmark-UPMC Deal Extended

      State Representative Dan Frankel and Senator Jay Costa Jr. talk about the extension of Highmark’s deal with UPMC, providing in-network access for Highmark Commercial and Medicare Advantage members to all UPMC hospitals and physicians through the end of 2014.

    • Abhinav Aima

      Prospects for Peace in Iran

      U.S. officials and analysts say tighter economic sanctions have prompted Iran to exercise more flexibility in dealing with the United States. But while chances of war in the near future have decreased, what do the long term prospects for peace look like? Abhinav Aima is an instructor of communications at Penn State who has traveled extensively in the Middle East. He shares his insights on Iran as well as new developments in Afghanistan and Syria.

    • Tami Dixon and Jonathan Berry


      When a white seductress encounters a young black poet on a subway train, idle banter gives way to twisted aggression, and atrocities occur while everybody is looking. Actress Tami Dixon and director Mark Southers talk about the Bricolage production of Dutchman and how the play sparks dialogue with every performance.