Essential Pittsburgh

    • Carey Harris

      Seniority Rules

      With nearly 400 teacher layoffs on the horizon for Pittsburgh public schools, seniority has become a key factor in determining who to let go. The district wants the union that represents city teachers to agree to drop seniority as the sole factor that will determine layoffs. But the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers is concerned that any other measurement for determining layoffs would be biased.  The education advocacy group A+ Schools is also concerned about the way layoffs will be decided. A+ Schools Executive Director Carey Harris talks about the options.

    • Frick Building

      Teaching Election Math

      Decision 2012: Election Math is the name of a new computer program from Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Learning, Inc. and NBC Learn that combines NBC videos from presidential campaigns and election cycles, with intuitive computer software to teach math from a new angle. Carnegie Learning Executive Vice President David Hart talks about how the learning tool works in tandem with the educational branch of NBC News, and the potential jobs this project will bring to Pittsburgh.

    • Intersection of Washington Boulevard & Negley Run Road

      New Floodgates

      The Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety just completed three flood gates in Highland Park, just in time for spring storm season. We’ll talk with Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Michael Huss about how the new gates are built to prevent flashfloods like the one that killed 4 people on Washington Blvd. last summer.