Essential Pittsburgh

    • Unemployment Compensation Reform

      On Tuesday, Governor Tom Corbett signed the Unemployment Compensation Reform Bill into law. We’ll talk to Antonio Lodico, co-chair of the Mon Valley Unemployed Committee, who says the bill an unfair and “unconscionable.” We’ll also talk to Ron Miller and John Bear, two state representatives who support the legislation.

    • Igniting the Promise

      This spring, hundreds of Pennsylvania college students graduated from four-year colleges with the help of the Pittsburgh Promise. This week the Pittsburgh Promise holds one of its biggest fundraisers at Stage AE on the North Side, called “Igniting the Promise.” Saleem Ghubril, executive director of the Pittsburgh Promise, returns to Essential Pittsburgh to talk about the event and the Pittsburgh Promise.

    • Tim Murphy

      Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA 18) represents the South Hills in the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s also a practicing psychologist whose work with veterans is informed by accounts of heroism on the battlefield.

    • East Liberty Farmers’ Market

      The East Liberty Farmers’ Market’s customers and vendors are as unique as the ingredients that are for sale. Many of the customers, have been buying at the local farmers markets for decades. This week you’ll hear the unique tastes of East Liberty’s market goers.